Board of Management

The role of the Board of Management

The Boards of Management is the backbone of our schools. Made up of teacher, parent and patron representatives, the board's main function is to manage the school on behalf of the patron and for the benefit of the students. In carrying out this duty the Board is obliged to consult with and keep the Patron informed of decisions and proposals of the Board. The Board adopts a child-centred approach to all of its work. It also has regard to the efficient use of resources (particularly the grants provided by the State), the public interest in the affairs of the school and accountability to students, parents and the community. The Board must also uphold the characteristic spirit (ethos) of the school and is accountable to the Patron for so doing.

The Board of Management and the Patron

Essentially, the Board governs the school on behalf of the Patron, Enable Ireland, and supports the Principal in the management of the school.

This includes the following activities:

a) Drawing up and reviewing the school plan and ensuring its implementation.

b) Drawing up and reviewing school policies.

c) Recruitment of the Principal, teachers and other staff and provision of a direct line of support to the Principal.

d) Ensuring that the school fulfils its functions as set out in the Education Act, 1998.

e) Ensuring communication between the school, the parents and the community and facilitating the formation of a Parent/Parent Teacher Association and supporting/facilitating its activities.

f) Responsibility for the school’s finances: the BOM must keep proper accounts which may be audited by the DES or Comptroller and Auditor General. These accounts must be available to the school community and patron.

g) The BOM also ensures comprehensive insurance cover for the school is in place.

h) Upholding the ethos of the school e.g. as a school under the patronage of Enable Ireland decisions are taken with the best interests of the children in mind in line with the family Centred approach of Enable Ireland.

i) Trying to ensure appropriate facilities, materials and other resources are in place; ensuring the school buildings and grounds are properly maintained.

The Board is also accountable to the Patron for upholding the school’s characteristic spirit and the Board is required to publish, in such manner as the Patron considers appropriate, the policy of the school concerning admission to and participation in the school. The Patron, Enable Ireland, has a specific role in nominating members to interview selection boards and in the prior approval of appointments

It is essential, that arrangements are in place to ensure that the Patron is appropriately consulted in relation to Board matters and that any information required for the exercise of the Patron’s role is made available to the Patron by the Board. The Board of Management of Enable Ireland Sandymount School, will convene a meeting with the Patron each January to present the Patron with:

  • School Plan, Including the Admission Policy, Child Protection Policy, Code of Behaviour/Anti-Bullying Policy
  • School Accounts for the previous academic year
  • School Self Evaluation Report
  • Annual Report of the BOM work

The role of this meeting is to ensure appropriate communication between the Patron and the Board of Management and review the ethos of the school.