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Move and stretch sessions!

Our move and stretch sessions have come to an end. We started these sessions during our remote learning period and because they went on so great they continued when we returned to school.

Sarah the physio visited all of the classes to present each student with a certificate of achievment and badge for participating in these sessions.



Art week


We started our themed weeks in school. Our first week was dedicated to Art. In addtion to the brilliant mural and leaves we made we also painted som e really nice pictures. Look at this amazing art work!


Our new school mural

Look at our fantastic new mural at our school entrance! 

Our mural project was led by Eimear and Larry who are students in NCAD.

Each student painted amd decorated a leaf to go on the tree.

Thank you to the Men's Shed in Ringsend for making the leaves to go on the tree.

We are delighted with how well our mural turned out.



Crazy Hat and Sunglasses day!

The Student Council convened  once more and this time they decided to have a Crazy Hat and Crazy Sunglasses day. This happened on the 21st of May and despite the weather we had a fantastic time indoors with our parade around the school. Look at those snazzy hats and sunglasses!


Anna Newell's Groove Show

On the 5th, 6th and 7th of May all the school classes had the pleasure of participating in the fantastic Groove Show.

The school hall was transformed into a sensory, chilled out adventure, full of harmony singing and immersive video.

All the pupils were keen participants and loved this amazing adventure.

A big thanks to Anna Newell and her staff for their brilliant performance. 

We hope to see Anna and her staff again soon!


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