Mission Statement and Ethos

Sandymount School's vision/mission statement reflects the characteristic spirit of the school, "Excellence in Education" and addresses:

  • the placement of the student at the centre of the educational process
  • enabling the student to participate in a full life according to their ability
  • assisting the student with his/her holistic development
  • preparing the student for continuing and lifelong learning
  • empowering the student to realise his/her potential as an independent social being and self-fulfilled adult

Pupil learning needs are at the centre of all planning, and the focus of our school plan is the teaching and learning that takes place at the school. Enable Ireland Sandymount School promotes the 24 hour curriculum and our school day is a small part of what pupils learn throughout their lives. The school works in partnership with parents to ensure a quality education for our pupils. We recognise the work of the associated therapeutic disciplines provided by our patron body, Enable Ireland in supporting our pupils’ access education.