Covid-19 Info for Parents

Please find attached a guidance leaflet featuring advice for parents of pupils returning to special schools.

There is also a video message from Public Health Consultant Dr Abigail Collins available here , in which she outlines how to ensure the safe return of special schools and classes.


The below two documents from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) feature the latest public health advice and might also be useful to parents at this time:


Adults and children from their 13th Birthday


Isolation quick guide for parents and guardians of children older than 3 months and up to 13 years of age


Return to Educational Facility Declaration Form

In line with Dept of Education guidelines, parents of children returning to school are requested to complete the attached form attached or complete the declaration below.

 Please return the form to 

This form must be completed before your child returns to school.


Click here to access the return to educational facility declaration form


Project Echo

This is an excellent webinar, presented by Laura Lynn Hospice with Paediatricians as guest speakers. Many of our families will be familiar with Dr. Niamh Lagan who was also involved in this webinar. Parents should find this research (into the effect of Covid-19 on Children with Complex Needs) very useful and re-assuring :

Isolation Guide