Information for Parents

The rights and role of parents, as set out in the Irish constitution, Bunreacht na hÉireann, clearly see them as the primary educators of their children. All schools, including Enable Ireland Sandymount School can and should only view their role as that of enhancing and augmenting the role of parents in the education of their children. As a consequence, Enable Ireland Sandymount School is committed to working closely with and on behalf of parents, our key partners in education.

To underline this commitment, Parent Nominees have a statutory right to participation in our Board of Management. Parents receive reports on the operation and performance of the school. Parents, through the Parents’ Council, are involved in the preparation of the school plan.

Our pupils are special individual with complex and life limiting disabilities. Our parents know their children best and the school always look for their support and advice in preparing curriculum and other facilities during the school day. Parents are the key partner in the formulation of Individual Education Plans (IEP) each year at our school.

All parents in Enable Ireland Sandymount School have the right to access their children’s school records and will be consulted in relation to the assessment of the psychological needs of their children.

Parents have the right to appeal to the Principal in the first instance against a decision of a teacher and thereafter to the Board of Management.