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What are the benefits of sensory bins, bottles and bags?

  • Language Skills – Children are able to expand their vocabulary and language skills as they describe their play experience.

  • Fine Motor Skills – Fine motor skills are improved by manipulating small objects, dumping and scooping.

  • Social Skills – Social skills are worked on by learning about sharing, playing and communicating with others while engaged in their sensory play.

  • Science and Math Skills – Children are also using skills useful for science and math in measuring, guesstimating and learning about cause and effect while manipulating sensory materials.

  • Meeting sensory needs


Sensory Play Activities

For those children who have a Sensory Processing Delay or other multi-sensory needs, engaging in sensory based activities can be a relaxing way to regulate themselves to a "just right" state that allows them to cope better in their surrounding environments.


In Sandymount School , sensory play activities are often incorporated into many of our pupils' days so that they can further engage in other school activities.


Please explore this page to see the benefits of sensory play and for ideas around strategies for creating sensory play activities that can be fun, educational, and calming.




These Sensory Table ideas are from


This teacher suggests that you should "plan and reflect about what materials you want to put in your table. I change out the sensory table filler and tools every two weeks or so when my theme changes."

"Just a note: Don’t put too many tools in the sensory table to make it difficult for kiddos to manipulate, instead change out the tools once a week to keep it exciting, engaging, and to take their play to the next level."

Sensory bins are an awesome learning activity for young children. Kids love to use their senses to explore the world around them, so sensory bins are awesome for helping kids learn through their senses. In today's Daycare Day video, I'm sharing how I have my sensory bins setup in three different easy and affordable ways!

This video shows 3 different ways this teacher creates sensory bins for her pupils.



Sensory Recipes you can make with your child